Why Couples Need To Know Each Others Money Scripts to Increase Financial Security with Maggie Klokkenga

“First of all, I talk about Maslow's hierarchy of needs and just share with them okay, we need things like food and shelter and then things that are intrinsic right? What is it that really feels good to you that you really need on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? I need hugs from my boys, french vanilla coffee creamer, chocolate, peanut butter, and daily walks outside. Two of those things don't have any financial costs.”


Join our host Ed Coambs on a journey of discovery into the often-unspoken realms of financial intimacy with the delightful Maggie Klokkenga, a certified CPA, CFP, and money coach with a flair for transforming financial anxieties into actionable wisdom. Listen in as they unpack the concept of financial intimacy, starting with the basics of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the connection to personal finance. Maggie brings a fresh perspective on how intrinsic needs and simple daily joys are also intertwined with our financial choices, offering insights into how to align our spending with what truly matters to us.


The conversation with Maggie also sheds light on the subconscious 'money scripts' that shape our financial behaviors. By exploring Dr. Brad Klontz's Money Script Inventory, they uncover the childhood roots of our attitudes towards money and how they play out in adulthood. Ed and Maggie's expertise guides us through recognizing these patterns and rewriting them for a healthier financial future. Whether it's confronting the "if I had more money, everything would be okay" belief or celebrating the small steps in financial planning, this discussion is about humanizing the process and finding empathy in the numbers.


Ed’s and Maggie's insights into blending the technical with the psychological aspects of finance offer encouragement and grace to those navigating their monetary journey. Tune in, reflect, and take another step toward understanding and managing your finances with kindness and patience.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Maggie Klokkenga! (01:47)
  • Financial Planning and Personal Experiences with Money (05:16)
  • Money Scripts and Their Impact on Financial Decision-Making (10:35)
  • An Example of Money Scripts in a Client of Maggie’s (14:59)
  • Needs vs Wants and Meeting Them With and Without Money (20:30)
  • The Emotional Aspects of Financial Planning and Taxes (25:46)
  • Financial Psychology and Relationship Anxiety in Financial Planning (30:37)







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