It's Okay To Not Be Okay Navigating Grief, Loss and Financial Well-Being with Kathi Balasek

“We're not eager as a culture, to embrace that sense of sadness and loss to somebody who has a gazillion dollars in the bank. And that's really a wrong approach.”


Discover the intersection of heartache and finances as our host Ed Coambs chats with Kathi Balasek, an educator and grief guide, who shares invaluable insights on coping with loss while navigating the complex world of financial planning. With Kathi's compassionate approach, you'll learn how intertwined our self-worth is with our professions and how vital it is for financial advisors to possess a deep understanding of grief—supporting clients beyond just the figures. Likewise, it’s important for everyone in general to understand how grief and finances relate. This episode promises a revealing look at how we can better communicate and connect during life’s most challenging moments.


As Ed and Kathi journey through the varied landscapes of loss, Kathi illuminates the pressures of resilience and the courage found in vulnerability. You'll gain perspectives on how to honor the full spectrum of emotions after losing a loved one. The conversation also addresses the often unspoken grief accompanying life's transitions, reminding us that true wealth is not measured in digits but in the richness of our human experience. Join in for a powerful exploration of empathy, connection, and the undeniable truth that every loss, no matter its size, begs to be felt and understood.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Kathi Balasek! (01:44)
  • Grief Literacy and its Impact on Financial Planning (03:04)
  • Grief Support and the Importance of Asking for Help (14:04)
  • Finding Joy in Loss (19:57)
  • Grief, Loss, and Empathy in Financial Planning (33:17)
  • Financial Literacy in the Eyes of Grief (40:57)







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