Why Your Values Matter More Than Your Demographics For Financial Well-Being with David Allison

“We have to realize that the only way to truly understand each other and come to a world where we're a little bit less divisive, and a little bit less prone to fighting with each other is to look at what brings us together, not what separates us. And what brings us together is our values.”


Have you ever considered that demographics might be steering us down a path of misunderstanding each other? David Allison, the visionary behind the Valuegraphics Project, joins our host, Ed Coambs, to reveal a groundbreaking approach to human connection—uniting us through shared values rather than dividing us by typical demographics like age or income.


This episode is a journey into the heart of what truly drives our decisions, as David and Ed dissect the intricate relationship between financial intimacy and personal values. Prepare to have your perspective shifted in a conversation that challenges conventional wisdom and opens the door to more meaningful connections.


David and Ed travel across cultural landscapes, from the United States to China to Africa, and beyond, discovering how these core values shape behaviors and influence political climates. David's insights offer a fresh lens through which to view our global village, suggesting that the secret to bridging divides lies in embracing the values we share, rather than the demographics that separate us. This episode serves as an essential guide for anyone seeking to foster understanding and unity, both in the boardroom and at the dinner table.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, David Allison! (01:29)
  • Valuegraphics and its Meaning (02:10)
  • Values and Belonging in the US and Canada (12:20)
  • Values and Their Importance in Different Cultures Around the World (17:12)
  • Consumer Behavior and Financial Planning (23:28)
  • Values and Decision-making in Everyday Life (26:56)
  • Aligning Work with Values and Motivation (32:33)
  • Using Values to Understand Team Dynamics and Predict Success (35:41)
  • Using Values-based Questions to Understand People (39:59)
  • Values-based Decision-making and its Impact on Relationships (47:48)






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