How To Find The Right Financial Planner For The Two of You with Hannah Moore

“Money isn’t the easiest measuring stick, right? How do you quantify being able to take time with your kids? How do you quantify that? You can't do it with numbers, right? And yet, we only look at the numbers and I think it's such a danger. This is the tension. This is the balance that we play in.”


In this edition of Healthy Love and Money, our host Ed Coambs chats with Hannah Moore of Amplified Planning. The conversation digs deep into the heart of what truly makes us rich. Ed and Hannah explore the delicate balance between wealth and happiness, uncovering the life lessons money can't buy and the joy found in the simple act of sharing time with those we love. With Hannah's candor, they peel back the layers of our emotional ties to money, seeing past the numbers to the stories that define us.


Hannah brings to light the flexible nature of financial planning, likening it to meal prep for the soul, where adaptability is key. The chat ventures into the transformative power of therapy on money mindset, from the influence of marriage counseling to the intersection of mental health and financial habits. These revelations remind us that our net worth is not our life's worth, and the true currency of our existence is found in growth, understanding, and connection.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Hannah Moore! (0:01:48)
  • Childhood Experiences, Societal Pressure, and Financial Mindsets (0:05:07)
  • Financial Planning and Contentment (0:13:05)
  • Money Disorders and Spending Habits (0:20:06)
  • Money, Class, and Mental Health (0:25:50)
  • Parenting Influences on Financial Mindsets and Mental Health (0:30:09)
  • Marriage Counseling Experiences - The Good and Bad (0:38:13)
  • Spirituality, Religion, and Personal Growth (0:43:10)
  • Spiritual Growth, Personal Truth, and the Relation to Financial Literacy (0:54:43)






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