Why Empowering Women With Budgeting Improves Relationships with Pam Horack

“You have to logically tell your money what to do, or it will emotionally disappear.”


Ever felt like your money is playing a game of hide and seek with you? Our host, Ed Coambs, is joined by fellow CFP® Pam Horack to unravel this mystery, sharing her Smart Women Budgeting program wisdom. Together, they tackle the common misconception that more ‘money equals more problems,’ revealing how mindful management can actually lead to 'more money, less problems.' The discussion provides a foundational look at budgeting, emphasizing its critical role in financial planning, and how it paves the way for both women and men to direct their cash flow with purpose.


As the conversation flows, they unearth the renaissance of paper budgeting among the younger crowd and shine a light on the latest budgeting apps. These tools aren't just about tracking where your last paycheck went—they're about planning for a future where your savings account isn't just a number, but a growing testament to your financial well-being. Ed and Pam share personal anecdotes and strategies for overcoming financial regrets and zoom in on the importance of carving out a savings plan that works for you, step by incremental step.


Wrapping up, they dive into the transformative power of open financial dialogues within households. It's a realm where budgeting isn't just a solo act but a duet that can harmonize your home's financial stability and grow your collective net worth. Join us on this expedition to financial intimacy in this special edition of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Pam Horack! (01:45)
  • Budgeting and Financial Management for Women (05:15)
  • Simplifying Money Flow Tracking (07:52)
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning for Couples (15:04)
  • Financial Planning and Communication in all Relationships (20:27)
  • Setting Up These Conversations for a Win (23:26)
  • The Tangible Changes After Working with a Financial Planner (25:56)
  • Managing Finances with Inconsistent Income (29:59)
  • Budgeting for Entrepreneurs and Families (35:33)
  • Implementing Your Budget (41:21)
  • Wrap-Up (43:28)







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