How Financial Therapy Helps Couples Communicate About Money with Tara Unverzagt Part 1

“It's okay that you've had those experiences, and that you're now showing up like this because of that. But once you name it, and once you shine the light on it, it sort of takes away the power of those experiences.”


Our host Ed Coambs and fellow Financial Therapist Tara Unverzagt navigate the often-overlooked space of financial intimacy. Tara brings her expertise on the confluence of wealth, personal relationships, and family dynamics. As they dissect the complexities of money's role in our lives, they shine a light on the transformative power of confronting our financial beliefs and behaviors. Tara's compelling narrative, shaped by her mother's pioneering work as a Certified Financial Planner and her own shift from tech to finance, provides a rich context for the discussion on making purposeful financial choices while balancing career and family life.


Venture into the heart of family businesses and the nuanced process of transitioning leadership across generations. Ed and Tara peel back the layers of women's unique challenges in finance and acknowledge the sweeping changes in the advising landscape. For those seeking guidance, they debunk myths and offer pearls of wisdom on selecting the right financial advisor, beyond the simplicity of investment management.


Ed and Tara look into the profound effects of therapy-informed financial planning. Listen as they recount journeys of individuals and couples who have worked through financial anxieties and internal conflicts with the aid of methods like Internal Family Systems (IFS). They wrap the episode with a look at the delicate intricacies of family wealth transition, urging listeners to introspect on their relationship with money and the path toward deeper financial intimacy. Tune in next week to episode 83 for part two of this conversation!


Key Topics:

  • Welcome Tara Unverzagt! (01:34)
  • Tara’s Journey Into Financial Therapy (02:36)
  • What People Should Consider Looking for in Financial Therapy (13:59)
  • Financial Industry Challenges and the Importance of Empathy (21:43)
  • Financial Therapy and Personalized Planning (26:01)
  • Overcoming Financial Anxiety through Therapy and Self-Awareness (30:12)
  • Money Memories and Financial Planning (35:50)
  • Financial Intimacy, Wealth Transition, and Personal Growth (41:42)






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