How Financial Therapy Helps Couples Communicate About Money with Tara Unverzagt Part 2

“There's a lot of people now who think if only they had the generational wealth transfer, like those Trust Fund babies had, their life would be wonderful. There are some people though, that receive it and feel guilty. And what ends up happening is, a lot of times, they throw it away.”


Our host Ed Coambs continues his conversation with fellow Financial Therapist Tara Unverzagt with a focus on navigating generational wealth. They take an emotional journey through the challenges of passing down prosperity, touching on the delicate balance between fostering ambition in heirs and the unintended consequences of inheritance. Tara sheds light on the role financial therapy plays in wealth management, helping individuals grapple with the complex feelings that money can evoke—from the swell of gratitude to the paralyzing weight of guilt.


Ed and Tara dissect the intricate dance between supporting children financially and teaching them vital life lessons. Hear from those who've walked the tightrope, sharing stories of wealth transition, the guilt of unearned affluence, and the ethical dilemmas faced by financial planners. They question the societal constructs around money, worth, and the impact of professional status, offering a contemplative look at how these factors shape our sense of self and the stewardship of family fortunes. All this and more in this episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  •  Welcome Back, Tara Unverzagt (01:42)
  •  Generational Wealth and How It’s Changing (02:06)
  •  Financial Independence and its Myths (05:17)
  •  Generational Wealth Transfer and its Psychological Impact (15:13)
  •  Gender Roles and Expectations in Society (20:59)
  •  Parenting, Wealth, and Intrinsic Worth (25:13)
  •  Work-Life Balance and Fair Compensation (31:39)
  •  Generational Wealth Transfer and Financial Therapy (38:33)
  •  Wrap-Up and Contact (44:06)







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