Empowering Women To Engage In Their Whole Financial Life with Maggie Nielsen & Barb Provost

“You have to find the right financial professional because you’re going to get financially naked with them.”


Have you ever felt overlooked or misunderstood by your financial advisor? Maggie Nielsen and Barb Provost, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Purse Strings, join our host Ed Coambs to unpack the critical concept of financial intimacy and its transformative power in women's lives. Their personal journeys, combined with a trove of experience in adult education and business, fuel a conversation that sheds light on the financial industry's shortcomings and the dire need for women to step into their financial prowess.


Navigating the financial landscape within relationships can often feel like threading a needle blindfolded, but it doesn't have to. In this episode, Maggie, Barb, and Ed address the fundamentals of financial empowerment, from the necessity of emergency savings to the wisdom of maximizing workplace benefits. Maggie and Barb champion the idea that regardless of gender, both partners in a relationship should command the financial reins as equals. They tackle the cultural stigmas around money talks, advocating for a shift towards collaborative and informed financial decision-making that can strengthen the bonds of any partnership.


They delve into the importance of setting ambitious goals, advocating for career advancement, and actively managing finances through investments and salary negotiations. They also touch on the emotional complexities that come with financial planning, including how to handle unexpected windfalls with grace and intelligence. Listen in as Ed, Maggie, and Barb unravel the threads of financial intimacy, aiming to inspire you to wield your financial knowledge with confidence and share it forward to cultivate a culture of healthy fiscal management in your relationships and beyond.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome Maggie and Barb! (01:09)
  • Financial Intimacy and Empowerment for Women (01:54)
  • Gender Equity and Challenges Women Face in the Workforce (13:28)
  • Financial Planning, Investments, and Retirement Benefits (16:38)
  • Shared Financial Responsibilities in Relationships (18:46)
  • Financial Planning and Retirement Goals for Women (30:59)
  • Aligning Financial Resources with Personal Values for a Fulfilling Retirement (33:25)
  • Women’s Financial Security and Investment Returns (38:07)
  • Managing Inheritances (41:32)
  • Financial Planning for Women with Diverse Needs (45:50)
  • Connecting with Maggie and Barb and the Resources of Purse Strings (48:45)







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