Your Voice Matters When It Comes To Money In Your Intimate Relationships with Elise Besler

"One of the best ways that I've discovered to broach a hard conversation or something where we might be feeling some kind of way about bringing up a touchy subject is to use the phrase, ‘I have something on my heart that I want to share with you. Are you open to receiving it?’”


Our host Ed Coambs takes a transformative journey with voice and embodied leadership coach Elise Besler, as they navigate the intricacies of financial intimacy and the power of self-awareness. Listen in as they discuss the crucial role of the nervous system in not only reclaiming our voice but also in the delicate dance of financial conversations within our most intimate relationships.


Discover the surprising ways our nervous system influences our communication and stress responses, often linked to past traumas. With a touch of humor and real-life examples, this episode highlights the importance of recognizing our body's intelligence in emotional regulation. You'll learn the art of creating felt safety in conversations, a key to authentic expression, especially when the topic turns to money matters in couples' therapy. Elise's expertise brings to light the necessity of daily practices to bolster resilience against life's stressors.


Ed and Elise round off this enlightening discussion by addressing the often-overlooked concept of financial intimacy. With practical advice and relatable scenarios, they guide us through initiating challenging money discussions, emphasizing the need for consent and emotional regulation.



Key Topics:

  •  Integrating Talk Therapy with Somatic Therapy (01:30)
  •  Regulation, Co-Regulation, and Codependence (14:18)
  •  Co-Regulation and Singing (19:00)
  •  Using Somatic Work to Approach Difficult Conversations (24:42)
  •  Nervous System Regulation and its Impact on Money Conversations (33:11)
  •  Attachment Styles, Nervous System Regulation, and Parenting (38:55)
  •  Nervous System, Emotions, and Bonding with Family Members (43:32)







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