Why Crossing Social Class Is More Challenging Than Most Couples Expect with Louis Prisock

“When we talk about particularly financial difficulties, debt, and so forth, the picture isn't always as straight, clear cut as it seems.”


Welcome back to another enlightening edition of the Healthy Love and Money Podcast, venturing beyond the numbers to uncover the emotional and relational sides of finance. Joining our host Ed Coambs is Professor Lewis Prisock, whose vibrant discussions on the financial predicaments of the upper class will challenge your assumptions and broaden your perspective. Together, they peel back the layers of complexity that often shroud the economic struggles of the presumed well-to-do, revealing that it's not just lavish lifestyles that lead to downfall, but a tapestry of societal and economic factors. Professor Prisock’s upcoming book promises to delve into these issues, offering a fresh lens through which to view the unique pressures faced by those higher up the socioeconomic ladder.


Listen in as they explore the subtle undercurrents of economic mobility and the intense social pressures that shape the financial decisions of upper-middle-class families. It's a conversation that uncovers the societal expectations of parenting, the investment in our children's futures, and how these dynamics can lead to unexpected hardship. Ed and Louis dive into the discussion of first-generation members in affluent classes and what their presence signifies about the American Dream.


Their journey also takes us through the intersection of religion, society, and money, as they reflect on how our beliefs and values intricately influence our financial behavior. Rounding off this thought-provoking session, they address the notion of intrinsic human worth, emphasizing that our financial struggles do not define us morally. This episode promises to leave you with a deeper appreciation for the nuances of financial intimacy and personal value, so don't miss out on these captivating insights.



Key Topics:

  •  Welcome, Professor Louis Prisock! (01:50)
  •  Financial Struggles Among High-Income Professionals (02:49)
  •  Economic Mobility and the Challenges of Social Climbing (15:31)
  •  Religion, Society, and Money (20:11)
  •  Race, Wealth, and Financial Responsibility in the Black Church (25:57)
  •  Parenting Styles and Social Class Differences (32:41)
  •  Financial Struggles and Intrinsic Worth (39:21)





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