How To Talk With Your Kids About Money And How It Helps Your Intimate Relationship with Maya Corbic CPA CA

“It's important to talk to them in their own language. If you have a 10-year-old, you want to pretend that you are 10 years old. Whatever it is that you're saying, try to explain it like a 10-year-old.”


Unlock the keys to raising investment-savvy children with the guidance of financial literacy pro, Maya Corbic. Our host Ed Coambs along with Maya not only delve into the practicalities of demystifying the financial world for youngsters but also navigate the transition from hands-on workshops to the expansive reach of digital platforms. Maya’s family’s journey from a war-torn land to financial autonomy in Canada offers a striking backdrop to the discussion.


As Ed and Maya connect the dots between family, finance, and personal well-being, Maya provides insights into the unique financial hurdles immigrant families often encounter and the psychological resilience necessary to thrive. They look into the broader aspects of well-being that transcend mere wealth accumulation, from the equilibrium of spiritual grounding to the necessity of self-care amidst entrepreneurial ventures. The conversation sheds light on the art of maintaining not only financial balance but also harmony in one's personal life, acknowledging the inevitable shifts that time and life transitions bring.


Ed and Maya touch on the delicate symphony of managing finances within a marriage, where open communication can transform historical money matters into shared dreams for the future. This episode promises to inspire families to embark on a financial intimacy journey, fostering both economic savvy and emotional intelligence in the next generation.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Maya Corbic! (01:53)
  • Investing for Parents and Children (08:30)
  • Maya’s Family’s Story of Immigration (13:39)
  • Wellness and Trauma’s Effects on Financial Situations (18:55)
  • Financial Planning and Goal Setting for Couples (34:10)
  • Communication with Kids About Money and Finances (39:05)
  • Wrap-Up and Connecting with Maya (44:50)







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