Adult ADHD Doesn't Have To Stop You From Career Success with Dave Greenwood

“A lot of people who get burned out, have mistaken their priorities. Their personal life gets the scraps of their professional life, versus building a way to work that is going to support your personal goals and desires.”


Our host Ed Coambs takes an enlightening journey with David Greenwood, as he brings to light the struggles and triumphs of navigating ADHD and burnout in adult life. Their exploration into the realm of professional success and personal fulfillment uncovers the often-overlooked aspect of financial intimacy, revealing how it can make or break the well-being of relationships. David's approach to cultivating open dialogue and trust with your partner provides a transformative strategy for those looking to harmonize their love life with their bank account.


This conversation is teeming with practical advice on tackling to-do lists, setting boundaries, and mastering the art of delegation. Discover how to overcome 'time blindness' and witness the positive effects that improved work management can have on your personal and intimate relationships. David's insights remind us of the importance of understanding our unique needs to achieve a harmonious work-life balance.


Ed and Dave reflect inward, considering the power of self-reflection in the financial intimacy journey. Dave’s transition from struggling student to accomplished entrepreneur, mentor, and author offers inspiration to embrace diverse mentorship and the courage to explore new professional paths. Don’t miss this episode of Healthy Love and Money, which is sure to leave you with a healthy handful of powerful takeaways to enrich your personal and professional life.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Dave Greenwood! (01:25)
  • ADHD Coaching and Personalized Strategies for Workplace Productivity (04:55)
  • ADHD and Intimate Relationships (11:47)
  • Setting Boundaries and Priorities for Individuals with ADHD (14:48)
  • Work-Life Balancing and Overcoming People Pleasing (19:33)
  • ADHD Coaching and Personal Growth (22:59)
  • Dave’s Own Experience with ADHD and How it’s Formed His Journey (27:53)
  • ADHD, Career Transitions, and Self-Awareness (30:18)







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