Why Recovering From Religious Trauma Is Important For Fostering Financial Well-Being Part 1 with Sarah Carr

“While I did have a career and I did have income, I didn't have much of a say in how that money got spent. And I never questioned it too much either.”


Ever wonder how your beliefs shape your wallet? Fellow Financial Therapist Sarah Carr joins our host Ed Coambs on the Healthy Love and Money Podcast to reveal the complex ties between fundamentalist upbringing, financial intimacy, and emotional well-being. With a history rooted in evangelical Christianity, Sarah sheds light on how deeply ingrained doctrines can entangle with our financial lives, especially within the intimacy of relationships. She shares her personal narrative of an arranged betrothal and shattered expectations, offering a unique perspective on the courage it takes to chart a new course and challenge the status quo.


Navigating the waters of financial independence and cultural expectations can be daunting, yet Sarah's story is a beacon for those in similar straits. Her reflections on breaking free from purity culture and internalized rules provide listeners with a heartfelt understanding of the liberation that comes with taking control of both finances and life choices.


Sarah speaks candidly about the process of deconstructing faith in the wake of personal tragedy, the end of her marriage, and the quest for financial autonomy. As Ed and Sarah close the episode, they contemplate the resilience necessary to rebuild life and love, underscored by financial literacy and empowerment. Tune in next week for part two of this riveting conversation!



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Sarah Carr! (01:27)
  • Sarah’s Past Influence on Her Work Today (04:42)
  • Religious Upbringing, Marriage, Divine Intervention, and Questioning Authority (10:38)
  • Financial Planning and Anxiety in a Relationship (14:54)
  • Personal Experiences with Purity Culture (20:22)
  • Spiritual Growth after Family Tragedy (25:12)
  • Deconstructing Religious Beliefs and Financial Infidelity (31:43)






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