Why Recovering From Religious Trauma Is Important For Fostering Financial Well-Being Part 2 with Sarah Carr

“It's worth the time, the energy, the money, everything to get to that place where you feel like, now I have this intrinsic sense of self-worth, that I feel is absolutely unshakable. It’s something that nobody could ever take away from me.”


Welcome to part two of this interview with special guest and fellow financial therapist Sarah Carr. Our host, Ed Coambs, along with Sarah embark on an emotional voyage as they peel back the layers of life's financial and emotional stages. Sarah opens up about the transformative power of motherhood and its impact on self-worth, entwined with candid tales of financial upheaval and heartache. As they traverse these topics, the conversation reveals the nuanced challenges of blended families, the silent weight of financial guilt post-divorce, and the redefinition of success beyond the confines of a paycheck.


Ed and Sarah dissect the complexities of transitioning from career-oriented ambitions to embracing the profound role of a stay-at-home parent, and the resonance this has with those who seek a deeper connection with their work and personal life.


Finally, they wade into the deeper waters of trauma therapy, financial empowerment, and the cathartic release found within somatic yoga practice. Sarah shares her courageous journey through past abuse, utilizing EMDR and IFS therapies as vehicles for recovery. This episode is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, encouraging listeners to find joy and stability within, which in turn radiates outwards, reshaping our relationship with money and self-worth.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome Back, Sarah Carr (01:24)
  • Navigating Feelings about Blended Family Finances (05:57)
  • Power Couples, Personal Growth, and Redefining Success (11:09)
  • Financial Therapy and Effects of Past Abuse (18:01)
  • Childhood Abuse, Trauma, and Healing Within a Religious Community (21:32)
  • Healing from Trauma and PTSD (28:03)
  • Claiming Intrinsic Worth, Financial Well-Being, and Options for Dealing with Financial Challenges (33:32)
  • Overcoming Financial Trauma through Self-Awareness and Flexible Thinking (40:28)
  • Resources for Healing Religious Trauma and Financial Therapy (46:32)






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