Investing with Heart: Navigating Purpose-Driven Finance with Janine Firpo of Invest For Better

“If enough of us start moving our money in these ways, we can literally change what matters, we can change where the power is, we can change what the story is.”


Could aligning your portfolio with your conscience actually lead to greater financial returns? Uncover this intriguing possibility as our host Ed Coambs sits down with Janine Firpo, co-founder of Invest for Better and author of "Activate Your Money."


When it comes to love and money, nothing resonates more than the concept of financial intimacy. In this episode, Janine and Ed navigate the sometimes-turbulent waters of aligning investment decisions with a partner's differing ethical compass. They chart a course through the stock market with a values-driven map, putting a spotlight on funds that prove responsible investments can be both morally and financially rewarding.


The conversation turns to actionable steps, like choosing local banks and credit unions, which can support underrepresented groups and bolster community growth, to give one example. As they conclude, we're reminded that every financial stride we take, no matter the size, can contribute to a collective push for a better and more equitable world.


Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Janine Firpo (01:30)
  • Women’s Financial Autonomy (06:16)
  • Investing with Values with a Focus on Ethics and Performance (12:36)
  • Investing for Women and Minorities, Alternative Investing Options (22:04)
  • Questioning Traditional Beliefs and Practices around Wealth (27:05)
  • AI, Money, and Aligning Investments with Values (32:34)
  • Values-Aligned Investing and Money Management (39:35)





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