Taking The Transformational Money Journey And Supporting Your Creative Community with Jasmine Lopez

“Money is a resource that promotes healing. So, what shifts do we need to make so that the story within our budget is in alignment with the things that bring us joy, and the things that reflect our value?”


Embark on an exploration of financial empowerment with the dynamic Jasmine Lopez of The Firehouse Dream, as she unveils her journey to foster economic resilience within BIPOC communities through innovative creative ventures. Our host Ed Coambs along with Jasmine chat about the emotional intricacies of money, and uncover stories laden with guilt and shame. This discussion ventures into the depths of racism and healing, as Jasmine shines a beacon of hope with her groundbreaking nonprofit that champions the creative careers of youth from a historical firehouse turned cultural hub.


When it comes to mental health struggles, the powerful role of community in the healing process comes to the forefront. Ed and Jasmine emphasize the necessity of safe havens that cater to the mental well-being of BIPOC and lower-income groups, where the warmth of shared meals and the richness of storytelling intertwine. These communal traditions, alongside professional services, emerge as vital elements in achieving holistic well-being, rebuilding our sense of self and interconnectedness.


This episode celebrates the presence of mentors and the power of representation, encouraging listeners to join in contemplating how each of us can contribute to fostering a culture of holistic health and prosperity. Share in Jasmine's inspiring work and let it ignite a spark within you to champion change in your own community.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Jasmine Lopez! (01:27)
  • Addressing Trauma in Lower-Income Communities and BIPOC Spaces (04:11)
  • Healing Through Presence and Relationships (08:30)
  • Overcoming Abandonment Issues in Marriage (15:31)
  • Money as a Tool for Healing and Self-Discovery (19:03)
  • Philanthropy, Wealth, and Community Healing (25:13)
  • Creativity and its Value in Various Industries (31:48)
  • Healing in the Context of Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities (35:38)
  • Personal Agency in the Face of Systemic Oppression (42:40)






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