The Power of Communication & Empathy in Money Matters: Financial Intimacy Talks with Ed Coambs & Shaun Maslyk

“You can foster and deepen financial intimacy in your life, you can do it, it will take effort, and it won’t always feel comfortable in the short run, but it's like learning to dance. It's awkward and then becomes pleasurable.”


The tables turn as Ed Coambs takes the guest chair and Shaun Maslyk of The Most Hated F-Word Podcast steps in as honorary host in this episode of Healthy Love and Money.


Ed brings us on his journey from firefighter to financial advisor, to marriage family therapist, to financial therapist, and ultimately to Healthy Love and Money, which has granted him an unparalleled perspective on the intertwining of emotional well-being and money management. This episode delves into the sensitive dance of financial intimacy, revealing how to create a bond with your partner that turns financial trials into a foundation of trust and understanding.


Ed’s experiences illuminate the societal influences and the legacy of family beliefs that color our financial behaviors. Ed and Shaun confront the psychological underpinnings of spending and saving habits, acknowledging how attachment theory plays a pivotal role in shaping relationships with money. The episode doesn't just acknowledge the struggles—it offers a beacon of hope by showcasing the transformative impact of fostering 'earned secure attachment,’ proving that personal and financial growth are within reach.


It’s not just about achieving financial peace; it's about embracing a new way of being with your finances, one where reflective decision-making leads to an abundance that resonates with your deepest values and aspirations. Listen in as Ed and Shaun chart the course from financial turbulence to tranquil waters, inviting you to begin the first steps on your own path toward a more intimate and prosperous financial future.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome Guest Host, Shaun Maslyk! (0:01:30)
  • Empathy in the Field of Financial Planning (0:05:21)
  • Human Connection and Inclusivity in Financial Planning (0:16:17)
  • Financial Intimacy and its Impact on Relationships (0:21:25)
  • Financial Dynamics in Relationships and Cultural Backgrounds (0:25:58)
  • Attachment Theory and its Impact on Financial Relationships (0:38:11)
  • Mindfulness in Financial Stability, Change and Growth (0:53:41)
  • Mind-Body Connection in Financial Therapy (58:59)
  • Wrap-Up and Working with Healthy Love and Money (01:01:23)



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