Mastering the Emotional Dimensions of Personal Finance with Amanda Clayman (pt 1)

“That is how we should be thinking about the role of money in our lives - as a training kind of engagement, around, being able to not unconsciously react to things, but being able to stay in a regulated contextualized state as we're doing financial tasks.”


Have you ever caught yourself in a spiral of financial worry, only to realize that your bank account isn't the real issue, but rather the stories you tell yourself about money? Our host Ed Coambs is joined by fellow financial therapist Amanda Clayman, who guides us through the emotional labyrinth of our fiscal lives. Together, Ed and Amanda dissect the emotional underpinnings and self-regulatory challenges that shape our financial decisions. It's not just about the numbers on your bank statement; it's about the conversations we have with ourselves and within our relationships that often dictate our financial outcomes.


Our journey with Amanda doesn't stop at self-discovery; it's also a deep exploration of the roadblocks that keep us from seeing our true financial behaviors. Ever find yourself wondering why, despite best efforts, your finances seem to be running on a hamster wheel of stress and guilt? Ed and Amanda tackle the tricky business of financial blind spots and the importance of self-awareness, even when it leads to discomfort and a boomerang effect of shame. By understanding the fight-flight responses our bodies conjure up in the face of money woes, the financial therapist duo lay the groundwork for financial health that resonates beyond our wallets.


In a world where financial tension can strain even the strongest of relationships, how do we navigate the choppy waters without capsizing our emotional well-being? Ed and Amanda illustrate this with a candid look into financial trauma, drawing parallels with the delicate dance of arousal in both fiscal and intimate relationships. Listen in next week for part 2 of this conversation in which Ed and Amanda dig deeper into pre-conceived judgments, financial trauma, financial arousal with your partner, and more!



Key Topics:

  •  Welcome, Amanda Clayman! (01:47)
  •  Financial Anxiety, Insecurity, and Adaptation in Personal Finance (04:53)
  •  Financial Blind Spots and Self-Awareness in Therapy (09:44)
  •  Financial Security and Self-regulation Using Polyvagal Theory (15:51)
  •  The Importance of Emotional Connection in Financial Decision-making (27:42)
  •  How Financial Trauma Directly Affects Financial Decision-making (32:21)






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