The Complex Intersection of Money and Emotions with Amanda Clayman (pt 2)

“Because we can’t avoid money, money is going to resurface [past trauma]. As grownups, we can predict, if not guarantee that money will surface or trigger these past associations.”


Unlock the hidden pathways between your financial decisions and emotional well-being with our host Ed Coambs and returning guest Amanda Clayman. In this enlightening discussion, Ed and Amanda look into the often-unspoken world of financial trauma, where seemingly unrelated spending patterns reveal deep-seated emotional connections. They bring to light the physiological similarities between financial and sexual arousal and the mysterious nature of dissociative splurges that often go unnoticed in our day-to-day lives.


Step into the complex dance of family dynamics, where childhood scarcity meets adult fiscal success, and emotions run high. Whether it's a simple family dinner or confronting parental expectations, you'll see how these experiences shape our financial narrative and the intricate web of feelings that emerge when money intertwines with our most intimate relationships.


The journey toward financial intimacy is not a straight line but a series of steps, each offering a deeper understanding of love and money. The episode concludes with an affirmation of growth and the therapeutic power of humor, when appropriate, to navigate life's complexities.



Key Topics:

  • Financial Trauma and How it Affects us Today (02:37)
  • Financial Dissociation and its Impact on Emotional State (06:41)
  • Managing Emotions and Needs in Financial Decision-making (13:08)
  • When to (and not to) Use Humor in Coping (19:46)
  • Personal Growth, Vulnerability, and Overcoming Fear (23:58)
  • Gender Roles, Ambivalence, and Emotional Labor (31:06)
  • Money as a Symbol and Tool, with Personal Transformative Potential (38:15)
  • Emotional and Symbolic Exploration in Financial Therapy (42:37)
  • Healing through Nonlinear Processing (48:53)






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