Mastering Financial Flexibility: Sustainable Budgeting Tips with Natalie Taylor

“Boundaries are an important part of budgeting, but so is flexibility. And the more humans you have in your family, or the more dynamics you have in your financial life, the more flexibility you need.”


What if there were a way to make budgeting less stressful and more sustainable? On this episode of Healthy Love and Money, our host Ed Coambs welcomes Natalie Taylor, a seasoned financial planner with over 20 years of experience, to share her unique insights on balancing boundaries and flexibility in family finances. Natalie’s innovative approach to budgeting emphasizes flexible boundaries, aiming to make financial planning adaptable and less burdensome for families with fluctuating incomes.


Ever wondered how to categorize and manage your household expenses without getting overwhelmed? Ed and Natalie break down the concepts of fixed and flex expenses, offering practical advice on maintaining control over your finances. From using dedicated credit cards for variable spending to handling kids' sports costs, Natalie provides a structured yet flexible framework that keeps financial surprises at bay.


Ed and Natalie then explore the often-overlooked concept of non-monthly expenses and how to plan for them effectively. Natalie shares actionable tips on setting up a dedicated account to manage these irregular costs, ensuring a steady cash flow throughout the year. They also touch on optimizing credit card points within a budgeting system and the value of financial intimacy. Take a moment to reflect on these insights and consider how they can be integrated into your life for better financial health.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Natalie Taylor! (01:40)
  • Budgeting and Managing Finances to Avoid Shame and Judgement (06:31)
  • #1: Fixed Expenses (10:09)
  • #2: Flex Expenses (15:20)
  • #3: Non-Monthly Expenses (23:58)
  • Potential Resistance to the Flow Perspective (30:54)
  • Wrap-Up (37:50)







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