Reimagining Your Money Mindset with Jennifer Calder

“Money can feel like this thing that we just can’t touch because it causes too much distress. I like to point out how their thinking might be causing some of those distressful feelings.”


What if reframing your beliefs about money could transform your relationships and well-being? Our host Ed Coambs chats with fellow Financial Therapist Jennifer Calder. From her early career in international development to her vital work in domestic violence support, Jennifer's journey is a testament to the power of addressing money-related stress in therapy. She uncovers how financial intimacy can be a cornerstone of healthier relationships and shares personal anecdotes from her childhood in a wealthy community that reveal how financial issues can touch anyone, regardless of economic status.


Money, shame, and empowerment are deeply connected. Jennifer provides actionable strategies to reduce money-related shame by understanding the psychological underpinnings of financial decisions. She also discusses common money scripts, especially among those in helping professions, and how these scripts influence attitudes toward wealth and self-worth.


Ed and Jennifer reveal the intricate skills therapists use, such as active listening and pacing, to foster effective financial communication. They examine how cultural and religious beliefs shape our financial behaviors and the impact of family dynamics on money conversations. Jennifer emphasizes the critical role of self-awareness for both clients and financial professionals in creating meaningful financial plans. All this and much more in this episode of Healthy Love and Money!


Key Topics:

  • Jennifer’s Professional Journey (01:57)
  • Money Shame, Financial Therapy, and How it Helps People Make Better Decisions (09:17)
  • Pacing, Silence, and Feedback in Therapy Sessions and the Impact on Client Outcomes (19:43)
  • Money Scripts, Genograms, and Their Impact on Financial Planning and Therapy (34:53)
  • Money Mindset and its Impact on Financial Well-being (41:45)






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