Balancing Love and Taxes with Hannah Cole (pt 2)

“Perfection is not a standard that can be met, but improvement absolutely is. Know that the IRS doesn't expect you to be perfect. The IRS mandate is to collect the substantially correct amount of tax, not the exact amount.”


Managing taxes can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially when one partner is self-employed. In this part 2 episode, Hannah Cole from Sunlight Tax joins again to share her journey, filled with stressful moments and heated arguments, all stemming from her initial lack of tax knowledge. She and Ed debunk the myth of tax perfection and focus on the importance of continual learning and improvement, particularly for freelancers who grapple with tracking profits and losses. Discover how couples can achieve financial harmony by understanding each other's financial responsibilities and the unique pressures faced by the primary breadwinner.


Freelancers and sole proprietors often find themselves lost in a maze of tax complexities. Many stumble into freelancing and are suddenly expected to master bookkeeping and tax management. Hannah reveals practical tips on the appropriate levels of bookkeeping and the tools to use based on the scale of one's business. This conversation empowers freelancers to manage their finances with confidence and avoid common pitfalls.


Financial transparency between spouses is critical, especially when dealing with joint tax returns and the nuances of self-employment taxes. Hannah and Ed dive into the different fee structures of financial advisors and the necessity of estimated quarterly taxes for freelancers. Hannah’s insights demystify the tax process and provide actionable advice for alleviating tax-related anxiety. Listen in for a revealing discussion that will help you take control of your financial well-being and foster a healthier financial relationship with your partner.



Key Topics:

  •  Taxes, Financial Intimacy, and Couples’ Knowledge Gaps (02:18)
  •  Financial Management for Small Businesses: Profits and Losses, Owner’s Compensation, and Equity (04:42)
  •  Accounting for Freelancers and Small Businesses (11:59)
  •  Financial Literacy, Bookkeeping, and Gender Dynamics in Personal Finance (16:42)
  •  Financial Advisor Fees and Transparency (25:54)
  •  Joint Tax Returns and Financial Transparency in Marriage (29:22)
  •  Quarterly Tax Payments (34:04)
  •  Wrap-Up and Parting Wisdom: Aim for Improvement, Not Perfection (39:02)






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