The Hero's Journey For Couples

The Couples Guide To Financial Intimacy™


When you first fell in love did you think you would have a hero's journey ahead of you?


Probably Not


Good News! The two of you get to be the hero's of your love and money story. 


Every hero needs a guide to help them overcome the odds and achieve victory.

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The Couples Guide

To Financial Intimacy


The most comprehensive program for couples to stop fighting about money and transform their financial and intimate life.

The Couples Guide to Financial Intimacy is designed to move you from financial frustration to financial intimacy. Helping couples overcome overwhelm, stress, and not seeing eye-to-eye so they can move toward achieving their financial dreams together.

Can you and your partner relate?


In the early years you fell madly in love.


Now not seeing eye to eye on your finances is getting in the way of achieving your individual and shared dreams.  


You're ready for intimacy, connection, financial security, and success.


You may have experienced one of these scenarios...

  • You are having disagreements about spending and saving even though you're doing fine financially. Emotional outbursts shut down the conversation and communication dissolves.
  • Fears, mistakes, and mishaps from the past are impacting your current relationship. You may be keeping financial secrets (or fear your partner is) and want to develop more trust. 
  • Things don't feel fair financially and in the relationship, but you don't want to be disrespectful to your partner about their financial contribution.

You’re in the right place. 


The Couples Guide to Financial Intimacy™ will help guide you on a hero's journey to heal your relationship with yourself, your partner, and money.

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By the end of this signature program


  • Stop the #1 money challenge for couples in its tracks: The saver & spender dilemma.

    Hint: They are both valuable
  • Establish financial fairness in your relationship so neither of you feels you're getting the short end of the stick.

          Hint: There is a bigger picture here to see.
  • Minimize emotional outbursts and shutdowns by learning about your financial triggers so that you can restore your communication and financial trust. 

       Hint: This will help you recover and achieve your dreams.

I've been on a hero's journey

and I love serving as

the guide to couples. 

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I'm ready to join.


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What Are The Potential Harms To Your Shared Hero's Journey?  


Failing to build financial intimacy NOW with your partner may cost you in the FUTURE.

Here's what some of my past clients have said...


"This divorce is costing me my retirement, we just hit our peak earning years at 55 and now it is all gone." - Sam S. 


""I wish I would have known this 20 years ago, I would have all that compounding interest back and saved us from countless money fights. That would be hundreds of thousands of dollars." -  John. P


"I spent decades angry and resentful about her spending on the home shopping network. We wish our financial planner would have known it was a lot more than just getting her on a budget.  Now we realize the real problem was our relationship disconnection and pain from our pasts that blocked us." - Stan and Ann


 Weekly therapy or coaching can cost upwards of $250 per week. In 6-months that’s $6000.

That’s the cost if you go to therapy. When you neglect to develop financial intimacy and a deeper understanding in your relationship it can sometimes lead to divorce.

The average cost of a divorce in the U.S. is nearly $13,000.

...and that only covers lawyers and proceedings, not the division of assets and the breaking down of the wealth you’ve both spent your lives working to build.

 This program will save you money, time, and strife both personally and in your relationship.

As a couple you'll be able to...

Develop financial empathy to navigate challenging money topics

Embrace each other's styles of connection to foster financial intimacy

Take action on the financial goals that are important for the two of you to enjoy


What's Inside:

Module 1

Building Blocks of Great Communication

It’s not about the money! Wait or is it? Most people can easily recognize that financial communication can stall out, blow up in fights, or otherwise just be difficult.   


  • Learn to develop and use financial empathy
  • Understand connection on a deeper level. 

Module 2

The Glue That Bonds:

Attachment Theory

Do you even get me? Stop trying to control me!

Connection is critical to financial intimacy. 


  • Learn why attachment styles matter to financial intimacy
  • Discover how knowing each other's attachment styles improves your financial life 

Module 3

The Marvelous Brain & Mind in Financial Intimacy

It’s all in your head! Well maybe not, but your brain sure is an important part of financial decision-making.


  • Learn the three major areas of their brain that impact your financial decision making.
  • Become brain wise to foster financial intimacy

Module 4

The Essential Role of Emotions in Financial Intimacy

Behind every hero's mask is a human with emotions and feelings. 



  • Learn how to navigate all the emotions when it comes to money
  • Unlock your problematic emotional patterns with money.  

Module 5

Why Your Family Financial History Matters

You have one, I have one, we all have one. Before the age of 5 they leave us with countless invisible money lessons.


  • Don't let hidden family money patterns stop your financial intimacy
  • Uncover unhelpful family money patterns. 

Module 6

Developing Financial Maturity

Every season of life has money lessons for us to learn. 


  • Discover how different stages of life shaped your expectations with money
  • Release childhood money fears and enjoy being a financial adult.

Module 7

Exposing The Invisible Impacts of Social Class on Financial Intimacy

Blue-collar, White-collar, and all the collar colors in between. Our starting and current social class position matters.


  • Explore your life through the lens of social class and how it impacts financial intimacy. 
  • Effortlessly talk about how your current social class position impacts you and your children

Module 8

Talking Mental Health & Trauma: Crucial to Financial Intimacy

Recognizing and healing your trauma will be the best thing for your love and money life.


  • Discover how a wide variety of traumas are at the heart of money pain points and triggers
  • Learn how to be part of your partner’s healing journey and develop more empathy for one another

Module 9

Pursuing and Engaging Financial Planning

At long last the technical stuff. Bringing together the first 8 modules into developing your financial plan.



  • Make key financial decisions by stepping into each of the major money domains together
  • Take important steps to further develop and move forward with your financial plan together

Module 10

Living Life Financially Intimate

Whew!!! You have just taken a heroic journey getting to know yourself, your partner, and your relationship with money. It’s time to celebrate!


  • Create a plan to continue to grow, heal and transform your financial life as a team
  • Practice financial intimacy, empathy, and understanding together that will continue to transform your relationship for years to come

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When you start

the hero's journey

you'll get...

The Couples Guide to Financial Intimacy

($6,000 value)

  • Lifetime Lessons For Developing Financial Intimacy:

10 modules to help you along the hero's journey of healing your relationship with yourself, your partner, and money.

Each module includes pre-recorded videos, a workbook, and multiple exercises to take the material deeper, as well as recommended books and articles.

  • PDF Version of Ed's Book: 

The Healthy Love & Money Way: How The Four Attachment Styles Impact Your Financial Well-Being


We'll Address Questions and Thoughts like:

  1. Is this normal?
  2. Why can’t I make this happen? 
  3. I am/They’re so stupid.
  4. I am no good at math.
  5. He/she just won’t listen to me.
  6. If I know better but still can’t do it, then what.
  7. What’s fair financially?
  8. You spent how much?!
  9. Will we be able to retire?
  10. Will I be taken care of when your dead?
  11. Will you stop controlling my spending?
  12. Will my children become entitled or financially dependent on me?

You'll also get these bonuses to help you create the life you crave

Bonus #1

(A $1600 Value)

Expert Interview Series

  • A growing library of interviews with guest experts that are top of their field. Each expert is carefully selected as their experience and perspective will help enhance the relationships with your partner and with your finances.
  • Some of the guest experts include:
    • Rick Kahler - one of the founders of financial therapy, one of the top 100 financial planners in the US
    • Sonya Lutter - one of the founders of financial therapy, a researcher on couples and money. 
    • Kristy Archuleta -  one of the founders of financial therapy, an internationally recognized scholar in the field of financial therapy
    • Megan McCoy - extensive experience and publications in the field of financial therapy 
    • Shaun Maslyk - financial wellness advocate & financial planner

Bonus #1

(A $1600 Value)

Expert Interview Series

A growing library of interviews with guest experts that are at the top of their field. Each guest expert is selected for their specific and particular experience and perspective and has advanced diplomas in the fields of psychology and/or financial planning. 

Some of the guest experts include:

  • Rick Kahler MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, CEFT®, CCIM, one of the founders of financial therapy and acknowledged as one of the top 100 financial planners in the US
  • Sonya Lutter, Ph.D., CFP®, one of the founders of financial therapy, former professor at Kansas State University, with significant academic experience doing research on couples and money. 
  • Kristy Archuleta Ph.D., LMFT, CFT-I™, one of the founders of financial therapy, a professor at the University of Georgia, and an internationally recognized scholar in the field of financial therapy
  • Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC®, CFT-I™, a faculty member at Kansas State University with extensive experience and publications in the field of financial therapy 
  • Shaun Maslyk, CFP®, B.Comm, CIP, financial wellness advocate, financial planner, business owner, and podcaster

Bonus #2

(A $79 Value)

Family Money Tree Course

In this foundational course you'll discover your underlying money beliefs and how they've impacted both your relationship and your financial life.

Bonus #3

(A $39 Value)

Library of Resources

I'm sharing the best resources I’ve found throughout the past 20 years working with money and couples.  Topics relating to relationships, financial planning, and financial therapy will help you take your journey deeper.



Plus You’ll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

The Couples Guide to Financial Intimacy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide for couples to learn, heal and grow together as a couple and around their finances.

This is for couples committed to the hero's journey to change even if they are uncertain about what it will take.

This is a common characteristics of hero's early on the journey and why they need a guide. 

If you don’t feel this program is a good fit for you, we will refund 100% of your money back. Within the first 30 days of purchase, send an email to [email protected] showing that you’ve completed the work by watching the videos for Modules 1 & 2 and have completed the associated worksheets.  We ask that you let us know what wasn’t working for you so we can continue to improve the program.

The Questions You Want Answered

Still have questions?

Email Ed

[email protected]

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Still Making Up Your Mind? 

You should give The Couples Guide to Financial Intimacy a 30-day risk-free try if you are motivated by the following:


  • You want your relationship back... like... really badly.
  • You know your life and finances feel out of control. You want to restore hope and joy.
  • You want to feel competent and capable in your intimate relationship and finances. You are great at what you do in your work life, but this is the area that still needs care and help.


Let’s be honest, I created this course for the person I used to be...

...both way back in 2006 when I just got married and even just a few short years ago when we were dealing with dramatic changes in our financial reality. I would have loved to know what I know now back then. It would have saved so much heartache and countless amounts of money.

I am excited to share what I know both personally and professionally about living a financially intimate life.

I know you are capable of great things. I have worked with many people like you who have overcome the odds, worked hard, and have more success than they ever imagined and yet it has left them wanting.

Let’s go on this heroic journey of fostering financial intimacy together.

A Final Note From Ed:

You have big hopes and a vision for your relationship no matter where you stand with your partner and money.

You may be starting this journey from a place of deep despair and hopelessness, numbness, conflict, and defeat.

You might be neutral and have some hope that you can make some progress.

Maybe you have been working on your relationship for some time and this is the next stage of growth in your relationship.

No matter where you are on this journey, what I share with you in this course will help you transform your relationship with yourself, your partner and money.

You are not alone.


It doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can reduce the frequency, intensity, and recovery time from money disagreements.  Building and sustaining financial intimacy is a lifelong journey and one so worth taking. 

  • It will show up in the little moments like when you take the garbage and recycling out with your wife and you walk back to the house arm and arm with a shared sense of gratitude. 
     It will also mean that you can look back over your relationship and recognize the challenges, setbacks and fights you have had and what you learned from those painful points along the journey of financial intimacy. 

I have spent my life helping people. Whether it was teaching little kids to swim (no small feat), running into burning buildings as a firefighter, or now as a couples therapist specializing in financial therapy. 

I help people move through scary obstacles into a better, more stable, and more satisfying life. That's why I work with couples and finances. I believe that when couples get on the same page with money and communicate better with each other about their hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties they create a rock solid foundation for a lifetime of happiness, love, and financial prosperity.

I look forward to having you join me on this journey of transformation.

I can’t wait to see you in The Couples Guide to Financial Intimacy. 


If you read this far and still have questions shoot us an email at [email protected] Let’s see what we can do to help you take the journey towards financial intimacy.

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