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Is money putting stress on you and your relationship? 

Is This You?

  • Wonder if your partner is “crazy” because of how much they spend?

  • Feel your partner's spending is irrational?

  • Fear going bankrupt if you and your partner don’t find common ground?

  • Feel controlled by your partner’s attitude about money?

  • Angry and reactive when you discuss money?

  • Secretive about your spending and investing habits?

  • Fear that your financial differences will tear your relationship apart?


If you’ve answered "yes" to any of these thenThe Family Money Tree is for YOU!

Imagine If You Could: 

  • Feel a deep sense of empathy and understanding for your partner and how they manage money
  • Keep your cool when your partner makes money decisions you would never make yourself
  • Talk calmly and openly about your finances with your partner
  • Trust that you and your partner are on the same team when it comes to financial decisions
  • Experience a deeper connection, more trust, intimacy, and security with your partner through a new perspective

You’ve tried everything to stop fighting about money


  • Working with financial advisors  
  • Creating budgets and spreadsheets
  • Tracking your finances 


Yet, it never seems to work, right?


“The Family Money Tree” Course


In this course you will:

  • Understand your earliest relationship with money

  • Learn who your key role models were and what they taught you about money

  • Discover the stories you tell yourself about your finances

  • Understand your money beliefs

  • Start healing your relationship with money and with your partner 

  • Make financial conversations more relaxed

  • Create more trust, intimacy, and security in your relationship

It Comes Down To The Family Factor

The Family Money Tree helps you discover the "family factor" in your finances.


What You’ll Receive In The Family Money Tree Course

Lesson 1: What Is “The Family Money Tree”

Learn what this tool is and why it's so important. Plus, why it's the #1 tool I use with my clients to help them heal their relationship with money and each other.

Lesson 2: Who Are The Key Players In Your “Family Money Tree”?

Identify exactly who the main influences in your life were that shaped your financial beliefs.

Lesson 3: How To Unravel Your Money Story

Use “The Family Money Tree” to understand the stories you tell yourself about money so you can develop better communication, understanding, and trust with your partner.

Lesson 4: “The Family Money Tree” In Action

A step-by-step action guide walking you through creating your own “Family Money Tree”.

Lesson 5: Uncover Patterns In Your Story

Discover the key symbols that represent life experiences that help you track the patterns that exist in your money stories.

Lesson 6: Explore Your Deeper Patterns

Learn about additional patterns and symbols that will help you develop a deeper understanding of your Family Money Tree.

Lesson 7: Develop Deeper Understanding Of Your "Family Money Tree"

Interpret your “Family Money Tree” to improve communication and understand the money stories that impact your relationships.

Lesson 8: Reducing Financial Conflict Using Your “Family Money Tree”

Put together everything you’ve learned in the course to help you stop your financial conflicts. 

BONUS DOWNLOADABLE:   “Family Money Tree” Template PDF

Download an example "Family Money Tree" that you can use as a template to create your own. 

Uncover and understand the roots of your financial conflicts


Hi, I’m Ed! 

I’m an expert in helping clients develop financial intimacy. I help them stop money fights and reconnect when they’re not on the same page about money. I’m one of only 50 financial therapists in the U.S. and a licensed marriage and family therapist (CFP®, LMFT, CFT-I™). Plus I have an MBA and was a financial advisor before becoming a therapist. 

Working as a financial advisor I realized that helping people develop financial plans, budgets, investments, and wealth management isn’t enough. Without addressing the deeper psychological aspects of the person, none of it made a big difference in my clients' lives. People still made decisions that weren’t in their best interests. Many had unresolved conflicts with their partners about their core beliefs about money. 

I help my clients resolve money conflicts, discover their core money beliefs, develop emotional intimacy, and learn how to communicate more effectively about money. I help them understand how their past has influenced their present. Then these couples can feel like a “team” when it comes to their money. 

I understand this process deeply. I began my life as a firefighter. Now with three graduate degrees, I still find myself confronting issues about money in my own life and marriage. Through the processes I teach, my wife and I have been able to develop trust, intimacy, and security on a level that wasn’t always present in our marriage. 

Simply put, I get it and I can help you get it too. 


Nathan Astle

FTA Board Member and Student of Marriage and Family Therapy

You brought up SO many things I never would have thought of. Financial infidelity, family secrets, and wealth transfers were something I never thought of as part of my money history. The last lesson really brings everything together on how this family tree exercise can have an impact on how I actually live in my day-to-day life.

Dr. Megan McCoy LMFT, CFT-I™

Professor of Practice - Kansas State University

This is a phenomenal resource! You provide so much content in such a short time. I think genograms are so complicated to teach and you break it down in such an easy to understand way without losing the necessity complexities that are required to see the full ‘picture’. It was enjoyable to listen to and made me want to spread the word of the Family Money Tree to all my friends, family, and colleagues.

Monica Mouer

Family Transitions Counseling

The Family Money Tree course was helpful in bringing awareness to the emotions and behaviors that surround money in my life and in the lives of my family members. This new found perspective and understanding has empowered me to be thankful for things that are going well and provides clarity for making changes where they need to be made. The course called attention to habits and other learned behaviors that can be changed for financial intelligence and healing to take place. Thank you for offering this information in such a simple, yet profound way.

I'm Ready To Discover My Money Stories And Create True Financial Intimacy!


Don't wait another moment to transform your relationship with money and your partner!