Stop Avoiding the Dreaded Money Talk

How to have effective money conversations with your partner



Stop Avoiding the Dreaded Money Talk

How to have effective money conversations with your partner


In This Class You'll Learn:

  • How to get comfortable talking money with your honey
  • Key communication strategies to de-stress money talks
  • How to release tension that arises when money is brought up
  • How to understand the feelings and actions of your partner better
  • How to overcome the fear of criticism, judgment, walking away, or getting upset that can stop money conversations dead in their tracks

A successful financial life isn’t (just) about financial planning, budgeting, or savings.

It’s about engaging with the emotional process around money.


Communication is the key to making this happen.

Tension & Stress Have No Seat At The Money Table

Learning to communicate about money helps you reduce the amount of stress and tension about the topic. This makes money talks easier and more productive.

Stop Emotional Overwhelm And Avoidance

Emotions can overtake the financial discussions quickly often causing couples to withdraw or become overly emotional. Learning communication skills helps overcome this pattern.

Reduce Guilt and Shame Around Finances

When you learn to understand your partner's perspective they feel more open and willing to discuss all financial topics, even the ones that have been filled with fear or worry in the past.

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Healthy Love & Money Starter Course

Understand Why You Fight About Money and What You Can Do About it

  • Understand why money feels like such a threatening topic
  • Learn to manage how you feel about money so it's not so overwhelming
  • Talk calmly and openly about your finances with your partner
  • Develop financial empathy and understanding for your partner and how they manage money
  • Discover how your attachment style impacts your money-making decisions

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A Note From Ed:

I've helped hundreds of people to achieve a more satisfying financial and intimate life.

I know how anger, fear, and disagreements can get in the way of what you really desire.

  • A relationship that's satisfying and full of intimacy.
  • A successful financial life that supports both you and your partner's needs and desires.

In this workshop you'll learn how to navigate financial conversations so that they're no longer triggering or as difficult.

You'd be surprised at how much things can shift just by learning the skills outlined in this webinar.

Grab your seat for this class now. I'll be joining you LIVE to answer your questions.

Can't Wait To See You There!

Ed Coambs