A New Vision For What It Means To Be Wealthy As A Couple with Dr. Jim Grubman: Part 2

“If you do not make that mental leap from money as income, to money as assets, it has a huge impact on your ability to actually not only become wealthy, but to maintain wealth.”


Ever wondered how wealth could become a culture, not merely a class? It's a thought-provoking journey that our host Ed Coambs along with Dr. Jim Grubman traverse in this second episode in the two-part series. They liken the journey to wealth to climbing Mount Everest - it's arduous, thrilling, and requires careful navigation. Dr. Grubman brings us face-to-face with the four main coping strategies that families employ when dealing with newfound wealth. They dive deep into why the integration approach can often be the most successful of all.


The dynamic between a couple can drastically transform with wealth. The concept of external standards of wealth takes a backseat as Ed and Dr. Grubman discuss one's psychological state of mind. Personal anecdotes and experiences set the stage for a profound understanding of the challenges an increase in wealth can bring to a family. They encourage listeners to understand wealth as a culture and navigate the shifts in dynamics that it brings with it.


Ed and Dr. Grubman then bring into focus how past experiences and identity significantly impact financial decisions. Painting a picture of the transition from a middle-class lifestyle to wealth, they stress the importance of understanding our financial reality. The conversation takes a turn towards the role of money in building wealth, emphasizing the concept of income vs assets and the power of the compounding effect. All this and more in this edition of Healthy Love and Money!





Key Topics:

  • Welcome back, Dr. Jim Grubman! (01:50)
  • Coping Strategies for Wealthy Individuals Adapting to a New Culture (04:27)
  • Misconceptions of Entering into the Land of Wealth (10:05)
  • Exercises / Integrators Dr. Grubman Uses to Help People Adapt (17:30)
  • Financial Decision-Making and Cultural Influences (25:05)
  • Depending on Income vs Depending on Wealth (32:41)
  • Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Wealth Growth (36:12)
  • Money Beliefs and Their Impact on Spending Habits (40:44)




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