Top 5 Healthy Love and Money Podcast Episodes

Dec 15, 2022

How do you like to learn, heal and grow? 

Podcasts have quickly become one of my favorite ways to be on the learning, healing, and growing journey.

Recently I was listening to the Therapist Uncensored Podcast, and their guest Dr. Sharon Lambert episode 191, was sharing some research she conducted on the positive mental health effects of listening to podcasts. Her research found podcasts increased accessibility, repetition, and familiarity for listeners around crucial mental health information. Listening to mental health-related podcasts contributed to positive mental health outcomes for podcast listeners. She was clear that podcasts don’t replace therapy but can be a powerful supplement. 

I have found podcasts to be a powerful supplement to my mental health healing journey, which is part of what led me to launch The Healthy Love and Money Podcast this year. Being able to interview wonderful people about the learning, healing, and growing journey has only added to the depth and richness of my understanding of mental health, financial well-being and being a human. 

Let me say that identifying the top 5 Healthy Love and Money podcast episodes is easy to measure in one way. Look for the total number of downloads, find the top 5 highest downloads and then list them. At the same time, which podcast resonated most for you might be the least downloaded, middle, or somewhere else in the lineup. 

So I will share the top 5 downloaded Healthy Love and Money Podcasts, but don’t let this stop you from looking for the best episodes for you and your partner. 


Top 5 Healthy Love and Money Podcast Episodes

1. Checking In With Your Body and Money with Bari Tessler

      Interviewing Bari was a dream come true. She is one of the first financial therapists I identified when I started my journey of becoming a financial therapist. Her Art of Money book and program helped me connect the dots between what was happening in my body and what was happening in my financial life. I regularly use body check-ins to identify and connect with how I feel about a financial decision. We hold financial trauma not just in our minds but also in our bodies. We must learn how to work with ourselves to increase our financial well-being. 

2. How Financial Planning and Financial Therapy Changes Couples Lives with Danielle Seurkamp

     We would all be fortunate to have a financial planner like Danielle in our lives. Her dedication to being human-centered and, as she called it, a “mental health hobbyist” creates an environment for her clients to feel safe, validated, and seen in all of their humanness, especially regarding their financial life. In this episode, we talk through complex couple dynamics and making shared financial decisions. 

3. What is Financial Therapy, and How Can It Help Us with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

     Lindsay is, without a doubt, a thought leader in the field of financial therapy. Her ability to de-shame our experiences of money is incredible. During this episode, I share some of my shame around my white male identity and the privilege I have experienced. Lindsay’s ability to navigate and show up with empathy for my reflections was greatly appreciated. Our identity can be a source of financial shame, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and this episode can help you along that journey of unburdening money shame. 

4. How Financial Therapy Heals Your Relationship with Money with Sarah Swantner

      Sarah is one special person. Very few people have earned their Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation and become a licensed mental health professional. Sarah is one of those people. Her ability to understand and explore the complexities of clients’ financial lives and help them find greater peace, comfort, and flexibility is incredible. I have had many conversations over the years about financial therapy, which is why I was so excited to interview her for this podcast episode. 

5. When Couples Talk Money Magic Happens with Adam Kol

     Adam brings a world of perspective to working with couples and their relationship with money. He has extensive experience in helping couples find common ground around their shared financial life. I enjoyed talking with another guy about vulnerability and its essential role in fostering financial communication between intimate partners. You won’t want to miss this episode, where we dive deep into the why behind the couple’s conflicts and how you can change the financial dance from stepping on each other’s toes to gracefully doing the financial tango. 

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Healthy Love and Money podcast. 


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Wishing You Healthy Love and Money,

Ed Coambs


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